Simon is amazing with a capital A.  He predicted my move to California 11 days before my boss told me he was relocating to our head office in L.A.  Years later, when I was laid off, he predicted in exactly which industry I'd find my next job.  Simon also saw an 'overseas' connection when my co-worker asked about romance.  Three months later she met her future husband - he was in the Navy and had sailed up to NY from Norfolk for Fleet Week.  How about that?!   Angie C, NYC

Unlike other readers in town, tarot readings by Simon are no nonsense,no attitude and no chicanery or mockery. Far from being a charlatan,simon's serious and scientific approach to the business of reading cards makes you feel safe rather than humiliated. For actresses,models and celebrities, Simon is a safe alternative to women tarot readers. JSF New York.
I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading. It gave me real insight to everything that is going on in my life. I found it gave me a lot of hope and helped me with decisions. Yes I did get the job that you predicted I'd get and yes I did end up breaking up with the guy that you knew I was dating....like you said I would! More than anything the reading brought me a lot of comfort for the future and would recommend ANYONE to get a reading from you especially when worried about making decisions.
Thank you Simon!    Manjit (NYC).
Without ever meeting Simon I decided to take a chance and have him 
read for me; turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!  
Before we got started he asked me to think of 3 questions I had or 
areas I would like more knowledge of without telling him what they 
were.  As he read for me his wisdom of the cards was evident and 
his compassion was unmistakable. Simon not only provided the 
answers to what I had in my mind before he started, he gave me 
insight of the past, present and future that he could not have 
known without his unquestionable gifts.  At one point he wasn’t 
content with an explanation of someone so he continued until he had 
the complete “story”.  Simon is a rare old soul with an amazing 
sense of Tarot cards and the person he’s reading for without the 
“ego” his talents would lend him. I would absolutely recommend him 
for a personal reading as well as having him at your next party or 
gathering.  Why not spice it up – your friends would be talking 
about you and Simon for a long time. Can’t wait for another reading 
from Simon!!  Thanks again.  Cindy, NYC